Can you think inside the box ?

we are looking for you at Vel-Vin !

Why work with Vel-Vin

We are a team of 300+ members contributing in various roles daily to ensure our eatables, groceries, electric gadgets, devices, apparels and footwear and various engineering goods reach to the stores safely. And once you have bought them from the stores, you may bring them back home in the paper bags made by Velvin.

We are Post-grads, Engineers and Graduates from Banking, Accounting, IT, Commerce and Management background. We are also those people who could not complete schooling but work fine with tooling and run huge machines.

Growing with a CAGR of above 40% over the last 5 years, we are on a mission to service sustainable packaging solutions to the brands across the world. And therefore we are looking for more team members who can join us in making packaging and this world more sustainable.

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