Horticulture & Floriculture

Over 20% of the flowers shipped by growers never reach the final consumer in the export market because they are lost or damaged during the various stages of the distribution chain. Losses can be reduced by ensuring more careful handling, better temperature regulation, and the use of suitable preservation agents. Such measures may be inadequate and even fruitless, however, if not combined with appropriate export packaging. Because flowers and plants are living and thus developing organisms, they have a limited life span. Suitable methods should therefore be adopted to ensure that the product's evolution is controlled throughout the shipping process.

Corrugated fibreboard is the most frequently used material for shipping cut flowers and foliage to foreign markets. The main reason for the success of this material is its suitability for the shipping, handling and storage requirements of these products from the standpoints of strength, lightness and economy. It is used to produce many and various types, sizes and structures of boxes. We at Velvin have designed boxes and its composition in a way that it stands strong in hot, humid to freezing temperature. It is treated naturally with anti-humidity properties that enable protection against any weakness caused due to moisture. And with best in class flexo graphic printing, we ensure your boxes are as beautiful outside as the flowers themselves stored inside. We also produce Wrappers for these flowers.