Twisted Rope Handle Bags

Widely used in the retail industry, food and beverage industry.

These paper bags are a superb marketing instrument, over and above being a medium for your customers to take away their purchased goods. This is a great option to enhance your brand value at much lower costs.

We can also do the same with Gulliton cut.

Turn-top Bags with Twisted Handle (J-Cut)

The top of the bag is turned over (Turn Top) so that it creates a smooth, elegantfinish for the bag. The most-luxury machine made paper bags, with appearance of hand made bags, ideal for advertising and adding value to high-brands.


D-Cut Bags

The D Cut Handle bag features a pair of die-cut handles. these brown Kraft paper bags become freestanding allowing for easy and quick loading of products or goods. This makes it very easy for customers or drivers to carry and transport around. This is perfect for food deliveries, fast food or takeaway orders, bakery goods, retail or checkout items, general groceries and much more.

Grocery Bags

Grocery Bags are the ideal choice for retail and grocery stores, this bag provides a quick and easy packaging solution for quick service restaurants, retail store etc. Available in a wide range of sizes, these are economical bags.


Mailer Bags

Quite popular in the case of e-commerce shipments. A lot of small products or products with decent retail packaging come in paper mailing bags. Some of them also have a self-adhesive strip for easy sealing.

Flat Handle Bags

Flat handle bags are convenient to use. The reinforced flat handle makes carrying load easier. They are easy-to-reuse and store, for a long time due to their high durability.


Tamper Proof Bags

Security Tamper Proof Bags are made of quality materials and are durable and strong storage purpose. It''s self-adhesive feature provides great convenience and improves work speed. After entering product or document inside, simply peel the flap and seal the flap are over the bag.

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